We are happy that you want to help us out! To make it as easy as possible, here is a step-by-step guide on how to pledge.

First, when you visit our Kickstarter page, click on this bright green button to the right, entitled "Back This Project".

Now it is time to select your pledge amount and reward. Click "Continue to the next step". Kickstarter will not withdraw any funds until the campaign ends at November 30. You can change your pledge at any time before that date.

If you have not logged in already you have to do so now. The quickest way is to log in using Facebook.

Next there is a screen where you see your pledge amount and reward. Payments are made through Amazon and you will be asked to go there now. Click "Continue to Amazon".

If you already have an Amazon account, select "I am a returning customer..." and sign in to Amazon. If you are new to Amazon, select "I am a new customer" and follow the instructions.

Confirm that you want to back us. Again, thank you very much for doing so!

Finally, you are redirected back to Kickstarter. To make us even happier, let your friends and followers know about our project!